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  • Do you want to boost your metabolism? Then the image of this fuzzy guy can help you lose weight.


    ELMO - Eat Less More Often


    It's simple, eat smaller portions through out the day instead of one or two big meals, let me explain. A fast metabolism means that you are efficiently burning calories around the clock. You could be resting or training, it doesn't matter because your body is efficiently burning calories all the time. If you have a slow metabolism, your diet and training are less effective and it seems you are fighting an uphill battle just to either maintain your weight or lose a few pounds.


    Out of the many strategies, I shall mention in my posts, when it comes to boosting your metabolism, eating 5-6 small meals every day is by far the most superior way to keep your metabolism on fire. This approach is so effective and if you do it consistently, you will wonder why you were having such a hard time losing body fat in the past.

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    I will devote an entire paragraph just to say it again and to be very clear. You can never reach your MAXIMUM POTENTIAL if you don't eat 5 TO 6 SMALL MEALS a day. This is eating something healthy about every 3 hours you are awake.


    I love looking at the world and learning my lessons from nature. For example, a deer grazes through out the day and a bear eats one big meal and goes to sleep. My question to you is which one do you want to look like?




    Move Your Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: December 07, 2007