5 Simple But Powerful Fitness Steps You Can Take In The New Year

Kenn Kihiu Health Guide
  • If you are tired of making New Years resolutions that you never fulfill here are some tips to help you keep them way past January 1st. For most people the hardest part of any fitness program is getting started. We want to achieve something grand or something we have never done before. What happens is we end up placing too much pressure on ourselves because the fallacy in our thinking is that in order for us to achieve our big goals we need to take big steps.


    We aim for giant leaps like "This is the year I will run the city marathon!" or "I will lose the extra 30 pounds" and the list goes on. Now don't get me wrong, these are great things which I highly recommend, but you have to remember, if we never become experts at doing the simple things and wait to do the big ones we might end up doing nothing at all. The saying is true. The only way to eat and Elephant is one bite at a time!

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    So Happy New You! Let this year be the one where you enjoy health and fitness at a level you have never experienced and here are some steps to help you get started.



    Set your goals but use pictures instead of just words

    The human mind is not motivated by words, but is motivated by pictures. Start making an inspirational collage of images and photos that really speak to you. You can get these from advertisements for fitness products like running shoes, magazines or fitness magazines. Post these somewhere where you will be able to see them everyday.  Post a picture or a photo of what you want your body to look like. You can even use your computer's background desktop or screen saver, the trick is for you to keep seeing the images everyday.


    Find a Friend

    Find a friend who also wants to get healthy and fit. For example there is a 90% chance that your next door neighbor also wants to get fit in the New Year. Ask them or any of your close friends to walk or workout with you. If you go to the gym, make some friends at the gym and try interacting and reaching out to others. This will make the gym a more delightful place to visit and when you skip the gym your buddy might notice and give you a hard time about it . In life, we need all the encouragement we can get.





    Invest in magazines and DVD's

    Get inspirational fitness magazines and exercise videos that will give you something to strive for. I produce my own exercise videos and I really know first hand how beneficial they can be. I get tons of email from people who are making significant changes in their lives. You many not have access to a gym, so buying fitness magazines and exercise DVD's are a wonderful resource for exercise ideas and workouts.


    Out with the Soda

    Eliminating sodas from your diet is one of the simplest and most profound health improvements you can make. One can of regular soda has an equivalent of about 10 teaspoons of the artificial sugar-like product high fructose corn syrup and studies have linked sodas to osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay and heart disease.


    Join a gym or take neighborhood fitness classes.

  • Personally I love the gym and I'm not just saying this because I'm a trainer who teaches classes almost everyday, but because I know that being a member of a gym can be a life changing decision. It's not just about the equipment and the trainers at the gym it's about the spirit and the energy you will find there. Being a member of the gym will allow you to feed of the energy of others, you will be inspired to see other motivated people pursuing the same goal you are.

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    Move Your Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu



Published On: January 02, 2008