7 Steps That Will Give You The Body of your Dreams in 90 days.

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  • What Do You Want? Be Very Specific
    You must have specific goals. Most people's goals are plain boring, they are the "I want to lose 20 pounds" kind of goal I hear all the time. If you want success, you must draw a clear picture of what you are after. Clarity is indeed power. For example, you can say I want to be able to comfortably wear the Size 6 Calvin Klein boot-cut style 433 Jeans. You see, it's more exciting and inspiring than I just want to lose weight.


    It's really simple. Never ever give up! We have developed a culture of instant gratification. We demand instant rewards for our efforts. We want to lose those 10 pounds after working out for just two times. You have to remember the weight did not suddenly appear overnight! Unless you are sick, changes to the human body can be slow. Remember you will feel it before you see it! 

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    Important note: If you workout and eat right and take it seriously, it will take an average of 90 days to transform your body.


    There is a reason I repeated it four times. It's the body's most beneficial exercise and over the years as we have come to neglect cardio training and as a result we are getting unhealthier and fatter. Cardiovascular exercising does more for the health and the appearance than any other form of exercise, bar none! So do it religiously and don't give up.


    Together we Stand
    Studies have shown that working out with others often times will get you results in about half the time. We are able to draw energy and inspiration from those around us and push ourselves harder. So if possible, join a gym, workout group or team sport.


    H2 You Know
    Stop reading this and have yourself a drink of water
    . Seriously go drink some water and come back because this post is not going anywhere - common do it now! Okay welcome back! Water is a key component to life. All living creatures will not survive without a fresh supply of pure water and if you do not consume enough fresh water every day, your body will age faster and get fatter. You will be more vulnerable to germs and colds, lose joint mobility, and much more. So, if you don't drink water on a regular basis, try a glass before every meal or 10-15 minutes after your meal.


    Smaller Portions = Big Weight Loss
    We eat way too much. Be a grazer and watch the weight just melt off. The most popular diet on TV right now sends you all your meals in small portions. Definitely something you can do by yourself if you can practice moderation. It was the key in the past and in this time in our history, we have to learn how to stop eating.


    Be a Grazer
    A powerful combination is to have small portions like we have discussed above and also be a grazer which means eating frequently through out the day. Click here to read a previous post with more details about how to be a grazer.



    Move You Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: January 10, 2008