Split vs Total Body Workouts

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  • Sometimes it's hard to get a straight answer on this question. Every person seems to have an opinion. If you are starting out, don't get too hanged up on which method because I suggest choosing the method you are actually going to enjoy doing. Truth is more fun you have when lifting weights, the better results you will make.


    However most fitness professionals agree that if you are a beginner a Total Body workout would be ideal and that is my recommendation for anyone just starting out with weight training. A total body workout 3 times per week would work wonders for you. Use the total body workout method for a period of time until you are comfortable lifting weights, then you can switch to a split body routine.

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    I find splitting your body up to be very effective in stimulating growth. There are so many ways to group your body for a split that we have space here, so I recommend looking into some weight training books. The reason split routines are so good is because it allows you to hit the muscle group with different exercises and stimulate growth and when it comes to intensity, it should the last couple of reps should feel difficult.


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Published On: February 01, 2008