How To Walk For Heart Fitness and Maximum Fat Loss

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  • Walking is one of the best things you can do for your heart. It will lower your cholesterol and do wonders for your blood pressure. Walking might be the least expensive and easiest way to get fit and burn fat.


    You don't need any equipment just a pair of walking shoes. The question is, are you using the right techniques that will give you the best results? There is a difference between fitness-walking and house-walking which is the way you would move from one room to the next when at home.


    House-walking will not give you the results you are looking for, but if you use some of the fitness-walking techniques I describe here; you will strengthen your heart and burn some serious calories.

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    Fitness-walking can jumpstart your journey to health and fitness and is used by many ordinary people who don't consider themselves workout enthusiasts to get fit and burn fat.


    There was a recent story on CNN about Phil Novak who at 387 pounds lost almost 100 pounds in 7 months just by walking. Here are the 5 most important fitness-waking techniques that can give you amazing results.


    Take it in Stride - The right stride length amplifies your results. If you do not have the right stride, you will not have the right rhythm for your walk which could feel bouncy. You end up wasting a lot of energy that you could have used to walk faster or further. To get the optimum length of stride for fitness-walking, stand straight and erect with both feet together. Make sure your knees and hips don't bend or hinge.


    Shift your weight forward by only bending your ankles. It would appear as if you were about to fall face down but you will catch yourself when you feel like you are about to lose balance as your dominant foot will automatically step out to prevent you from falling. The distance between your feet is the correct length of stride for your walk.


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    Use your Arms - Walking with straight arms will slow you down. So bend your arms at the elbow at about a 90 degree angle and swing them. This involves more muscles, burns more calories and gives you a better cardio workout while also allowing you to walk faster. Also remember your hands should be partially closed to form a lose fist and not tightly clenched.


    Heel to Toe - When you walk, you should strike the ground first with your heel and then roll through to the toe. This technique helps you walk faster and efficiently.


    Keep it Moving - It's important to keep a brisk pace - don't stroll or house-walk. The right pace would be similar to you walking as if you were late for an important appointment. Fitness-walking should alter your breathing. Use the singing test which is, if you can sing your favorite tune while walking; you're not walking fast enough.


    Put In the Time - The minimum time you should aim for is 30 minutes. 45 minutes to an hour of fitness-walking is preferable. If you really want amazing results and wish to see a significant difference in your body and health, fitness-walk for 6 days out of the week. There is no shortcut here. Put in the time with the right walking techniques and you could transform your life.

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    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: February 04, 2008