5 Hidden Benefits of Walking

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  • Walking is probably the most underrated exercise yet it's very effective and a great place to start if you are just getting started and have not exercised in years. After learning to crawl as babies we then learn to walk, so it's natural and safe, and when added to your fitness routine it will help lose weight. Walking will give you strong bones, strengthen your heart, lower your cholesterol and do wonders for your blood pressure (click here to see a video and learn important tips on how to walk for fitness and heart health) However there are some other benefits other than health that walking can give to you.

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    A Ding Free Car: If you start parking your car at the far side of the parking lot, you are most certainly to keep your car free of those nasty dings and scratches


    Save on Gas: The more you walk to places, the less pain you feel at the pump


    Make Better Decisions: The reason we pace when in deep thought is because walking stimulates the brain and gives you clarity. Walking gives you more time to think and you could solve lots of the problems you have with a good walk.


    Social Benefits: Walking will increase the chance of meeting your new neighbor and give you the feeling of being in touch with your community. More than likely, you will encounter other adults or kids who will return a smile and be friendly towards you.


    Community Safety: The more visible people are, the less crime there is. So just by walking regularly, you will increase safety in your community.




    Move Your Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu



Published On: February 08, 2008