5 Myths vs. 5 Facts about Working out

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  • With experts who always seem to be contradicting each other, TV infomercials, workout videos, books, fitness magazines, and even your friends and family, there seems to be a lot of false conclusions, misconceptions and contradictions on working out. Some of these misunderstandings are not necessarily harmful but they most certainly lead to a lot of wasted time and have prevented many from starting a fitness program. My goal is to get you to build a stronger, leaner, more youthful and energetic body; so let's get some clarity and conquer these misconceptions once and for all.


    Myth #1: It's too late

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    Fact #1: It's NEVER too late


    You are not too old and it's never too late to start working out. The best time to have started a fitness program was yesterday, the next best time to start is today. Studies have shown even those who are 70 years old can double their strength (imagine that) when they exercise. Not only can you increase your strength by leaps and bounds even when you start at 70, you can increase your life expectancy by 20 years and considerably improve your quality of life. Below is an email I received from one of my subscribers that illustrates this point.


    I just got back from visiting my 84 year old mother who greatly lost her strength after suffering a broken wrist that had to be surgically repaired 4 years ago after a nasty fall. Recently she started doing a daily exercise routine of just standing up from a sitting position unassisted 10 times and stepping up and down a low stool for a few minutes. Her strength and balance are better now than they were 10 years ago! The difference is miraculous - Barb Solomon[ikj1]


    Myth #2: No Pain, No Gain

    Fact #2: Your body does not need to hurt for you to get a quality workout


    Experiencing pain after exercising doesn't necessarily mean you're getting results. The saying no pain no gain when referring to working out is a common myth that is believed even by those who exercise on a regular basis.


    The fact is pain is not an indicator of success or results. So challenge yourself and do what you can. You goal is to challenge your muscles but not to the point they hurt.


    Sometimes a day or two after a really hard or different workout, you may feel some soreness in your muscles which is natural as your body tries to recover and rebuild itself. But you are not supposed to feel any pain during your workout; if this does happen you are either doing something wrong or pushing your body too hard or too quickly. Pain can often be a warning sign of a torn tendon or ligament.


    Myth #3: Lifting weights makes women get "bulky"

    Fact #3: Lifting weights helps women create lean, tight and sexy bodies


    Many women will avoid lifting weights because they are afraid working out with weights will give them bulky muscles. First off, women don't have as much testosterone as men and those women with bulky muscles spend almost hours upon hours working out and taking enhancement supplements. The general level of strength training required for building a great body will not produce bulk in women.


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    Also let me add, the most dumbfounding thing I see at the gym is mothers comfortably carrying and lifting around their 20 pound babies only to see them exercising with 2 pound weights! A pound of weight is still a pound of weight regardless if it's a baby or a dumbbell. I want you to be safe when you strength train, but please don't use pencil weights. Use a weight where you can do about 10-12 reps with the last two reps feeling like you are really challenging your body.


    Myth #4: I must workout for hours upon hours to see results

    Fact #4: Brief, challenging exercise workouts are highly effective


    We have our priorities all mixed up and no one seems to have time to exercise. We live in the age of the microwave, where we are so unhappy if our dinner takes longer than 3 minutes. The most common misconception is that working out should take a long time. Challenging yourself for 30 minutes is really all you need. Actually if you really think about it, exercising actually does create more time because it adds more years to your life!


    Myth #5: I eat well, so I don't need to exercise

    Fact #5: You MUST exercise and eat well


    When asked to choose which was better diet or exercise, Jack Lalanne a fitness icon, a person whom I admire so much said it best "Diet is Queen, exercise is King, and together you have a kingdom"


    Our bodies were designed to move and you will lose muscle mass, bone density, and gain fat if you don't exercise. Your body will begin to suffer from odd aches and pains because of what I call "motion starvation". You must exercise and eat right to turn back the clock and build a stronger, leaner, and more youthful and energetic body.


    Move Your Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: February 15, 2008