Lose Weight - The Leftover's Diet

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  • I can clearly hear the sound of my Mother's voice. "Kenn, please finish the food on your plate because there are starving kids who don't have anything to eat" Like most kids, those words would ring in my head and go straight to my heart and I would reluctantly go on to finish the food on my plate despite being full. Even to this day as an adult, I feel a little guilty about leaving food on my plate, but that was before I discovered how much of a boost I could give my metabolism by eating another small meal later with my leftovers.


    It's simple, if you eat 5-6 healthy smaller portions of food throughout the day instead of one or two big meals you will boost your metabolism. This is because your body is efficiently burning calories around the clock and those who consistently try this approach find it so effective they always wonder why they were having such a hard time losing body fat in the past.

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    Truth is that you don't have to eat all the food on your plate but many find it tough because as kids we have grown up being told we had to finish all the food on our plate or else (add motivating threat here). Usually it meant not leaving the dinner table until we were done which was motivating enough. The belief that we have to finish everything on our plate has been hammered in from our childhood and now is a good time to reverse this way of thinking.


    Parents' insisting that you finish your food was done with the best of intentions, but as adults we need to know that we don't have to eat everything on our plate and we should leave our leftovers for later. If you want to maintain a healthy weight or lose excess fat, don't eat until you are full. I cannot stress this enough, if you eat until you are full, you just went too far and you should have stopped 10 minutes ago. So stop eating and put that excess food into the refrigerator so you can have some leftovers for later.



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    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: February 21, 2008