Will Miracle Fruit Make Chocolates, Sugar and Candy Obsolete?

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  • Imagine eating a tiny little berry and few minutes later when you eat a bitter lime it tastes like the sweetest orange ever! It makes blue cheese taste like candy and tomatoes like chocolate. Even beer will taste like a milk shake. Are you shaking your head and saying "stop pulling my leg!" Well it's true.


    This fruit is natural, totally safe with no side effects and is nicknamed "Miracle Fruit/Miracle Berry" or Synsepalum dulcificum Even though it's known for its sour and bitter taste reversing properties, ironically the berry itself is tasteless but anything else you eat after it goes through a miraculous transformation. Anything bitter or sour tastes deliciously sweet without a trace of sourness, turning a bitter tasting coffee bean into a delicious Hershey's kiss.

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    It was first discovered in the 1700's in West Africa when a French explorer noticed the villagers eating this berry before some of their meals. Scientists have proven that the protein found in the fruit binds to the taste buds and will activate the tongues sweet receptors when anything sour or bitter is consumed.


    In Japan, its freeze dried and sold in either tablets or cans and even offered in select restaurants such as Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental hotel as sugar free deserts that taste like the real thing. Miracle fruit growers in Florida say that some cancer patients will buy the fruit because it helps rekindle their appetite by alleviating the metallic taste in the mouth that's a side effects of chemotherapy.


    Click to Watch Video Report on the Miracle Fruit


    You might be asking, It sounds too good to be legal, is it contraband? Well rest easy, because it's perfectly fine to grow the fruit and sell it in the US but the FDA labeled it as a "food additive" when holistic manufacturers attempted to add it to food. The "food additive" label requires a ton of money on research and testing which puts it in regulatory limbo.


    I imagine a day when mothers will never have to worry about those picky eaters in the house, because they will devour everything that is good for them with eager anticipation. Maybe this day will be here sooner than later.



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Published On: March 25, 2008