5 Reasons To Buy Strawberries Today

Kenn Kihiu Health Guide
  • I just returned from my local grocery store and I admit I love this time of the year because strawberries are in season. I love everything about fresh strawberries and other berries like blueberries and raspberries. They are delightful to look at and I love the texture and the wonderful taste as they dance around in my mouth. Above all I'm aware of all the wonderful things they do for my body.


    Sometimes I eat my strawberries plain, I often add them to my cereal or even make fresh delicious smoothies. You can find tasty berry recipes by clicking here. Strawberries and berries should be a regular part of your diet. In fact I recommend having them at least 3 times per week. Here are 5 reasons you should buy some berries today.

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    1. Berries come fully loaded with salicylic acid the same ingredient found in Aspirin that helps our body fight against heart disease,
    2. They are high in fiber which helps in improved absorption of iron, calcium and magnesium
    3. Can you say antioxidants galore! Berries are packed with disease fighting and anti aging antioxidants.
    4. The Phytonutrients in berries will slow down the overall aging process from your skin to your cells which help you stay look and fell younger.
    5. They are chock full of natural vitamin C which is way better than the laboratory vitamins found in supplements. The body readily absorbs the vitamin C found in strawberries to help your body fight infections and give you protection against rheumatoid arthritis

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    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: April 01, 2008