How Dance Exercise Can Be A Great Workout For the Family!

Kenn Kihiu Health Guide
  • I have always believed that fitness starts at home because the lessons we learn from our family unit are what we often take with us to the world. More of us are getting over weight especially our kids and it's about time Dad and Mom lead by example and initiate movement and exercise within the household.


    Exercising needs not to be boring especially for kids. They need and want a fun exercise program. If you observe kids, they are always looking for any excuse to move their bodies and an excellent way to motivate them is with music. I often find that music and fun dance exercises will get kids off the couch and grooving to exercise. Dance Exercise also increases their brainpower as well since they are learning and experiencing something new such as learning new fun dance moves some of my favorite are the hand jive or the washing machine.

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    A family that workouts out together stays together because family fitness can be so much fun! Kids want nothing else than to share a fun experience with their parents. When parent and child dance exercise together the bond of love and friendship is strengthened and it's the lesson they learn is you can still exercise have fun and spend time with those you love and this is such a healthy way to relieve stress and leave all the worries of the world behind you.


    The benefits of using dance as exercise is all about the excitement and fun, but there is no better exercise that can help burn fat, lower cholesterol, trim the waistline and relieve stress all at the same time. It's simply the best way to get healthy and fit and have a blast all at the same time.


    Move Your Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: April 16, 2008