Why You Should Stop Drinking Sodas

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    I think one of the best things you could do for your health is to greatly reduce or totally remove sodas or pop from your list of preferred beverages. Sodas are the leading source for calories and a primary reason why there is an obesity epidemic in most countries.


    For example, if you drink a soda every day, you will gain about 15 pounds per year.  Think about how that will add up over a few years even if you drink a soda every other day. Soft drinks are the quintessential junk food and they contain no vitamins or minerals whatsoever and are the very definition of empty calories.


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    You might ask, how about diet sodas? They too don't let you off the hook. Studies have shown that drinking diet soda's still double your risk for obesity.  For example, a person who drinks a diet soda may feel it's acceptable to make up for those calories with another high-calorie food.  What ends up happening is the tongue is temporarily satisfied by artificial sweet taste of diet soda but your marvelous brain isn't fooled and still craves more calories for energy.  So you end up still over eating.


    Other studies have shown people who drink an artificially sweetened beverage before a meal will eat more high-calorie foods than those who do not. "Can I have a double bacon cheeseburger and a diet coke!" So you might be left wondering, "What is safe to drink?" The answer, of course, is water.  Give it a try; you will wonder why you loved sodas so much. It's an easy habit to kick.  Just for next 6 days, switch from soda to water and notice the difference in your body.


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    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: April 24, 2008