The "Have You Been Working Out" Muscle

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  • I did a survey at my gym and over 73% of participants both male and female say their primary focus is well defined and toned arms.  The arms are primarily made out of the biceps, triceps and shoulders.  Out of these three muscles, the one that plays a stunning role in the perception of the human physique are the shoulders.


    The simple reason is the shoulders are the muscle group closest to a person's face. We frequently rest our eyes at a persons face when looking or talking to them.  It's no surprise that most women are powerfully attracted to a man with nice broad shoulders and most women admit there is nothing sexier than well defined feminine shoulders wearing that dress to die for.

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    Well defined shoulders give the appearance of a well defined body and men can make their waist appear smaller by having broad shoulders. So let's get to work.  The most effective exercise for the shoulders is the shoulder press and it's a great exercise for both men and women.  Here is how to do it.


    Grab a couple of dumbbells and position them at each side of your shoulders make sure your elbows are directly underneath your wrists.  Simply press or push the dumbbells up until arms are extended overhead and lower to the starting position and repeat.


    Remember to keep good posture which means don't slouch, make sure you keep your chest our and shoulders back and maintain your natural curve in your lower back.


    Fortunately the easiest muscles that show results are the shoulder muscles. They don't store much body fat and working on them about 10 minutes 3 times a week can elicit the question "Hey Have You Been Working Out?


    Move Your Body, Move Your Life

    Kenn Kihiu

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Published On: May 22, 2008