Who Are You? - How To Motivate Yourself To Get Fit and Stay Active

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  • So who are you? It's sort of a straight forward question, but it's not easily answered.  Most people respond by saying "huh" or say their name or what they do for a living.  The usual answers are

    I'm a mother
    I'm a daddy
    I'm a student
    I'm a business owner
    I'm a banker

    I happen to think life is all about making choices and how we see ourselves or the responsibilities we have in life will determine the choices we make. So whatever duties and responsibilities you have to tend to, I want you to start saying to yourself every day and I mean every single day.  "I'm an athlete"

    You are an athlete who is a parent

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    You are an athlete who also happens to be a student
    You are an athlete who is in management

    Just saying the words "I'm an athlete" is so empowering.  It becomes a way of thinking and of being. Imagine the nutritional choices you would make!  Would the athlete drink every night or stuff themselves every single day with pastries?  Believing you are an athlete would awaken the brain to start noticing things around you that would help you become a better athlete.  You would suddenly find yourself reading books, magazines and articles about new exercises and insider nutrition tips to help with performance.  You will develop the athletic mindset. 

    You must make this mental shift and stop seeing who you are and seeing who you going to be and I will tell you right this moment your age has nothing to do with you being an athlete!  Even your physical appearance and what you think athletism is has nothing to do with this. You don't have to have the body or the young age of an athlete.  It's all about attitude and outlook.  Regardless of how old you are or what your body type is, say the words "I'm an athlete"

    Imagine the attitude you would have while working out.  You would no longer think yourself as weak but as an athlete trying to be a better athlete.  You will assume the determination and the willpower of an athlete. It's simply a choice you make to say "I'm an athlete" because the mind makes the choices for you, and the body displays the results of the choices you've made.


    Move Your Body, Move Your Life
    Kenn Kihiu
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Published On: May 28, 2008