Are You Suffering From Motion Starvation?

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  • Starvation is usually associated with a lack of food or being in a state of extreme hunger due to lack of essential nutrients over a prolonged period. Other definitions simply say that it's the process of dying due to lack of food. Most experts agree that your body needs oxygen, water and food to survive but in my opinion movement must be a part of the fundamental things that your body needs for survival.


    When you consistently deprive your body of movement or what I call "motion starvation" this over time becomes equally as serious as lacking food, water or oxygen.  The body is the amazing and wonderful moving machine.  Every bone, joint, muscle, ligament and tendon is designed for movement. It's how we grow, fight disease and get energy.  If you don't move your body, your muscles will atrophy which simply means they will waste away. Your immune system is stimulated by movement which means the more you move the better you are able to fight disease.

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    Movement is critical to every part of your life for example did you know it stimulates creativity and deep thought - no wonder most people will pace a room when trying to ponder a problem. There was a study done with New York University dental students the study revealed that students who chewed gum scored higher in tests. So, I'm not advocating we all go get some bubble gum but you see how the body thrives on movement.


    If you don't start building movement into your life, you will suffer from motion starvation. Aches and pains will become the norm of the day and you often lack the energy you need to get through the entire day. Another symptom of motion starvation is popping pills on a regular basis because you keep getting sick all the time. You simply have to move your body and you have to do it on a regular basis. Now don't think of movement as just exercise but as adding more movement to your life. How about doing fun activities that encourage you to move that wonderful body of yours.  Go dancing, play a sport but just do something and get up and move!


    More importantly start by throwing away convenience. Walk more often, park furthest away from the grocery store or mall (your car gets less dinged this way) forget escalators and elevators and take the stairs instead, believe me it adds up.  This is how your body grows, gets more energy and strengthens its immune system. Moving more will yield positive changes in all areas of your life. You truly have to move your body to move your life.


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    Kenn Kihiu

    Movement America

Published On: July 20, 2008