Childhood Obesity running out of Control - Parents Open Your Eyes

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  • Here is a startling fact; most parents will not admit their kid is fat!  And without accepting the facts as they are, no progress can be made. The first step in dealing with any problem is to admit there is a problem. This is so simple most people dismiss the power of acknowledgement the hidden force that directs human behavior.  For example, realizing you are running late for an appointment will cause you to hurry things up a bit and only when you admit you are wrong do you apologize. It's our primal instincts - to take down the beast you have to admit there is one that is threatening your survival.

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    Researches at the University of Michigan recently discovered that among more than 2000 parents surveyed 4 out 10 parents who described their kids ages 6 - 11 as being the right weight were actually obese, not just overweight but obese.  What's even more surprising is that in same survey only 10% of parents whose kids were obese said they were really concerned about it.


    Majority of our parents think childhood obesity is not a serious problem. What most people don't know is looking at the numbers our children are more harmed by poor diet and lack of exercise than by exposure to alcohol, drugs and tobacco combined!


    About 10 years ago pediatric hospitals had never seen a case of type 2 diabetes in a preteen. (Back in the day it only affected grown ups and hence the old term adult onset diabetes) Today those same hospitals are seeing dozens of new cases a week with children as young as eight being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.


    It's said by age 3, children have fatty deposits in their arteries, and by age 12, 70% have developed beginning stages of hardening of arteries and this may become the first generation of kids whose life expectancy will be shorter than those of their parents.


    Obesity is a problem and parents need to start admitting it. I know we don't want to hurt our children by saying negative words to them, but saying the phrase "My child is obese" is not insulting. It's not saying they are stupid or a spoiled brat. Obesity is a reversible condition which can be solved quite easily with a healthy dose of diet and exercise but don't skip Step 1 - admit there is a problem.


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    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: July 23, 2008