How To Motivate Yourself Using Your Imagination

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  • I have to admit was very mischievous growing up as a kid.  I often ate dinner with shorts that had pockets because I never did like eating greens and would stuff them into my shorts when no one was looking.


    You see nothing my Mom said about eating my vegetables made a difference until the day I fell in love with the Popeye the sailor man.  Remember the cartoon Popeye?  He got super duper strong after eating a can of spinach.  I imagined getting strong like Popeye and until this day I love eating spinach they are my favorite greens!


    Since then I've learned the power of imagination when it comes to self motivation. The truth of the matter is you are your own best coach because the loudest voice you hear is that one in your head. Every single moment we are guided by our internal conversations about who we are and what we are capable of doing and perhaps Einstein said it best "imagination is more powerful than knowledge" He is well known for introducing into science the concept of "thinking like a child."

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    Start drawing some powerful motivating images in your head to improve your performance and turn up the fun. When its time to dance, trying stepping into the shoes of someone else and imagine yourself as Tina Turner, Elvis or James Brown and leave it all on the dance floor.  When it's time for you to workout imagine yourself as world class athlete, training to be the best of the best. Envision yourself training with confidence and passion.  Imagine getting stronger, leaner and having more energy that you have ever had before. Your brain is the most powerful muscle you have, get it excited with your imagination.


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Published On: July 30, 2008