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  • For the next 2 weeks you will most likely find me up at 2:00am watching TV.  Every 4 years they come around - The Olympics - my favorite sporting event and unlike most of the other shows on TV they are truly inspirational.


    Inspiration comes from the Latin root inspirare meaning to blow life into and maybe it's time to blow a breath of fresh air into your dreams and begin to pursue inspiration anywhere you can find it. I'm inspired watching the Olympics.  In every single event I see athletes who are at their peak of their mental, physical and spiritual abilities.  These men and women have dedicated most of their life to being the best in the world sometimes just for a few seconds or perhaps a minute or sometimes for a couple of hours.

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    One such guy is Michael Phelps who has done something no other human being in the world has ever done - win 12 career gold medals and counting.  How can he be this good? Some people say its genetics, his long torso, short legs and size 14 feet which makes him like a human fish, other say it's talent but I say its tenacity.


    Tenacity can be defined as "commitment to the goal regardless of what has to be endured along the way"


    Whenever Phelps reads articles of his detractors and doubters saying that he cannot do the impossible, he pastes them in his locker for inspiration.


    How many of us, would allow the words of others to dictate our destiny?


    I once read that from ages 12 - 17, Phelps did not miss a single day of practice. Not a single one regardless of the occasion.


    How many of us can say that about anything in life.


    In his first U.S. national championships in the summer of 1999, Phelps finished dead last in his favorite event the 200 meter butterfly.


    How many of us would have thrown in the towel and said "I guess swimming is not for me".


    My friends, it's not just physical ability that will help you achieve your goals, it's a mindset of determination and tenacity.  It's about not letting anyone, regardless of who they are, including our own selves, talk us out of our dreams.


    Maybe this is the time to adopt a mindset of tenacity and rededicate yourself to your health and fitness; it always leads to being a better version of you.   Remember - inspiration is all around us, soak it in and for the next couple of weeks take a few moments and fill up on your tank by watching the Olympics.


    Remember it has nothing to do with age, or talent because there are many others who are equally as young or gifted.  The reason we watch these athletes compete at the highest level has everything to do with their mindset.  Watch these amazing men and women and see within yourself what is possible when one is dedicated and tenacious.


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Published On: August 14, 2008