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  • Billy Blanks is arguably the worlds best known fitness guru and the inventor of the Tae Bo exercise program.  At age 53, he looks better than ever and he continues to make a tremendous impact in the fitness world with his TaeBo workout.  If there is anyone who knows what it takes to change your body, then Billy is that person.


    Kenn Kihiu With Billy Blanks After A Great Workout!

    Billy Blanks gives the thumbs up after a great workout!


    A while back I trained with the inspirational Billy Blanks, who gave me advice that changed my life and I'm hoping will change yours too.  The choices we make when it comes to our diet and exercise directly determines the kind of health we have and Billy Blanks wants you to know how you can take your body to a whole new level by making better choices.  Here is Billy's advice.

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    First and foremost be aware that our 5 human senses are selfish:

    We want what we see

    We long for what we hear

    We yearn for what we can taste

    We crave for what we can smell

    We desire what we can feel


    Your 5 senses are all about you, you, and you.  They are selfish, self seeking and self centered and they will get you in trouble if you allow them to control your life.  They can totally dominate your life into being comfortable and that is why it's so easy for someone to be perfectly happy eating junk food & watching TV, instead of spending time exercising.  If your senses take total control of your life, you might as well say good-bye to your health.


    Thankfully we all have a 6th sense. It's that inner voice that tries to guide us to making better choices.  It tells you "don't pig out and over eat" or "drink water instead of the soda", or "eat more veggies or have a salad."  This voice is the one that always urges us to do the right thing.  Some call it intuition, others say it's your spirit or your gut, but it really doesn't matter what label you give it because we have all heard this voice speak to us.  Over the years we have turned down the volume of this voice and amplified the one from our senses.


    Billy believes you can change your life by reversing the trend.  Start by making a conscious effort to turning up the volume of the inner voice and amplifying it.  Come to the awareness that the choices you make control your destiny And if you learn to make choices that rely on that inner voice, you will never go wrong.



    Health and Happiness

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: August 20, 2008