What About Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden Competiting With Your Running Mate

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  •  The political sphere at a feverish pitch with the selection of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden as Vice Presidential nominees. I happen to think that we can learn from the qualities of a good political running mate in choosing our ideal fitness running mate an mp3/ipod music player.


    I believe if you want to be successful, copy someone who is already successful and the best of the best athletes use music to get them pumped up for competition and for motivation during their workouts. Remember Michael Phelps? Before every race he used his ipod to get him psyched up and look what happened to the competition.

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    Swing State Argument
    Music is a natural performance aid and can swing your mental state from a mediocre workout to elevating your body to performing at a peak level.


    Appealing to Your Base of Hardworking Fundamentals
    Nothing can get you in the fitness mood like music. When listening to music during training, you get totally drawn in. Your focus moves away from any discomfort you might be feeling as a result of your training and your focus shifts to the rhythm of the beat. The result you work harder and your body loves it and rewards you with spectacular results.


    Ready To Lead
    If you need some help with your training you can try some mp3/ipod workouts, there are many on the market below are my two favorite ones. Check them out
    http://www.cardiocoach.com - A guided workout program that is top notch
    http://www.podfitness.com - Podfitness combines expert personal training with your own music

    Health and Happiness
    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: August 29, 2008