Enough With Your Procrastination - Time To Stop Messing Around

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  • Vacation time is over!  It's time to put away the picnic blankets, beach toys, sun tan lotion and stop messing around.


    Motivational philosopher Jim Rohn so aptly put it. "You can't hire someone else to do your push-ups" and he was right because there are some things you can delegate and outsource but health and fitness ain't one.  Reading, studying, thinking or even watching someone else do pushups is good but that gets you nowhere.  The buck stops with you - only you must do the push ups to get any value out of them.


    Honestly, how much more information do you need to start taking care of yourself? Do you really need to read another book or magazine? I think we have become a society hungry for more information but lacking in action. How many books have you bought with the best of intentions that are accumulating dust on your bookshelf?   Action tramps knowledge any day.

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    So enough with the procrastination, join a gym and higher a trainer, buy some good exercise videos, stop eating yourself to death, start controlling your portions, drink water often, get a massage.  Take one single action immediately after reading this that will make you healthier, do it now and let it be the spark that started the fire.


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Published On: September 05, 2008