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  • Why do we have the tendency of dismissing the simple things that work wonders?  We live in a culture of "I want the latest or newest thing" often ignoring the simpler, basic principles.  We have become a civilization that has stopped seeing the value in fundamentals.


    We can have everything we've always wanted if we start to apply a few basic fundamentals, unfortunately, that's yesterday's news as we are always in search for something newer.  If someone showed you how to turn on a TV, would you dismiss the idea of just pressing the ON button or would you accept it and enjoy the programming?

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    If you want to lose some weight, I'm about to reveal something that you may have heard before and now is the time to stop dismissing it and start doing it because we now have scientific evidence to back it up.


    Start keeping a food journal.  Yes, it's that simple and you only have to do it for 2-3 months.  The idea is to keep a diary of everything that goes into your mouth.


    A recent study released by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research discovered that participants in the study who kept food journals lost almost twice as much weight as those who did not journal.


    Most importantly those that kept a journal were able to keep the weight off and did better than those that did not.  It appears that the pen is mightier than any fad diet out on the market.


    The reason weight loss is a billion dollar industry is because we have all invested in pills, exercise equipment, training and much more, but this study is great news for those who have a pen and paper.  Health Central's FoodFit has a free food diary including some great tools such as a calorie calculator, diet plans, diet recipes and much more.


    I urge you, if you have some weight to lose, don't dismiss this because it sounds simple, take action and implement it starting today with the next meal you are about to eat.


    For a more in-depth look at the research involving food journals check out this ABC news article



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Published On: September 11, 2008