How Physical Fitness Can Translate Into Personal Growth.

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  • I've trained thousands of clients and the one thing that always rings true is that physical fitness is not just about the physical body.  I've seen it transform the lives of regular folks who have taken my classes.  Many have experienced psychological, emotional and spiritual growth, and what started as just a fitness program, became the spark that ignited the fire which produced an amazing phase of personal growth.


    Leni, a mother of 2 and one of my current clients, came to me after one of my classes and told me that working out is teaching and motivating her to push herself beyond her comfort zone.  She credits her pursuit of physical fitness with inspiring her to step outside her comfort zone as she creates new boundaries for her life both mentally and physically.

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    How true and how simple!!  At the root of the word "growth" lies the meaning of growing past already established boundaries.  My 6 month old niece is teething right now and she is experiencing major discomfort. Poor baby is cranky and cries more than usual because her teeth want to grow.  No use in fighting this natural process of discomfort, in fact, we embrace it because it's a sign of growth.


    I've heard many excuses for not working out, like

    "I don't like to get sweaty"

    "It's too hard"

    "My muscles will get sore"


    My message is: discomfort = growth.


    Anytime you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, realize it's not your chance to retreat but it's an opportunity for growth. It becomes a different way of looking at life.


    Don't get frustrated when you are confused, instead, consider yourself lucky because if you just hang in there, you will learn something new.


    Don't quit or retreat when you are uncomfortable, but celebrate, because if you hang in there, you will experience some growth.


    Many wise people have said

    "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got"


    We like the familiar because it's comfortable, but rarely does it offer us a chance to grow.  Now here is the big secret on growing, it's about learning to step into new territory because that's where significant growth takes place.


    Now change is not comfortable, but it's necessary.  So when it comes to working out, throw in an extra set of exercises, add a few more minutes into your workout program, go the extra mile.  I'm not advocating pain because I don't want you to hurt yourself.  So start slowly and if your muscles get sore initially - rejoice because guess what? Your body and your life is about to experience growth.


    Do you have a personal growth story? Or want to share your comments, I love hearing from you.



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    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: September 24, 2008