Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Fit By Thinking Of Progress Not Perfection

Kenn Kihiu Health Guide
  • Most people fail at reaching their goals because they want to be perfect.  With the best of intentions they decide to completely overhaul their lifestyle by changing their diet and workout program.  You make radical changes - from never working out to working out everyday or from eating junk to being a rabbit on a daily basis.


    With the best of intentions you decide that the only way to achieve your goal is to completely overhaul everything about you.  But life has the habit of getting in the way and the first day you slip up, becomes the undoing of you.  You miss your diet or exercise program for one day which turns to 2 days, then 3 days and soon everything comes to a screeching halt.

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    Stop thinking of the big bang theory of getting things done.  This is the notion that you can completely change your habits and your life in one fell swoop.  Instead think of developing momentum.  Think of progress not perfection.


    Look around you!  Everything you see was created a piece or a brick at a time. Momentum is one of those universal success laws of life.  It allows small things to become big things and this only happens when you use momentum.


     Snow Ball Effect


    Follow my 1-2 success formulae.  It's about changing just one thing and doing it twice a week for 2 weeks.  For example eat a healthy breakfast every Monday and Wednesday for 2 weeks.  Or you could start with working out twice a week for 2 weeks but avoid doing everything all at once and harness the power of momentum by making these baby steps every 2 weeks.


    Folks, this sounds simple but is really powerful.  In 3 months you will have 6-7 new healthy habits and a brand new body in about 6 months.


    Below are 12 things that will get you started on the right track


    • Eating Breakfast
    • Drinking water and hydrating your body
    • Eating mixed greens, veggies or salad
    • Eating fresh fruits
    • Avoid drinking your calories with Soda's or Pop
    • Stop eating too much at meals
    • Stop late night eating.
    • Doing Cardio like walking, jogging or exercise videos
    • Strength training
    • Stretching
    • Grazing and eating 4-5 small meals in a day
    • Reading something inspiring in the morning before your day starts

    This would be overwhelming to do all at once but using the 1-2 formulae you could adopt most of these habits in 3 - 6 months. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that is too far in the future. Imagine the kind of life and body you would have if 6 months ago you totally committed to your health and used this fail proof plan to get you the body you deserve.


    Start today by writing down your 1-2 plan for the next 3 months.  Remember choose just one thing and do it for 2 weeks and then add another.  And if you slip up, that's okay, just keep plodding along.  If you have ever failed at creating the change you want, I guarantee this plan will work and your body and life will dramatically change as a result of it.  Start today and harness the power of momentum by making progress instead of being perfect.


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    Health and Happiness

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: October 04, 2008