Watch: Stop Using Food To Ease The Pain Of Bad Financial News

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  • It's being reported that more people are using food for comfort during the current economic crisis.  When the Dow Jones industrial average lost 777 points, its biggest single-day fall ever in history the only company in the S&P 500 that finished higher after the market's Monday massacre was Campbell's Soup.  The logic is that soup is a familiar food eaten by nearly everyone. The #1 food (recommended by Dr Mom) that will help you feel better.


    It's not just soup that is being used in these tough economic times, but all kids of sugary delights, fried fatty foods and even salty treats.  Most people are turning to these familiar feel good foods to ease the emotional pain of bleak financial news.

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    Emotional eating is not about feeding your body, it's about feeding your emotions and this happens every time you eat for other reasons than hunger.  It's one of the biggest causes of rapid weight gain and expanding waistlines.


    You know that you are eating emotionally when you

     -  Suddenly feel hungry because physical hunger is a gradual process.

     -  Crave and immediately want to eat a specific type of food. You feel that only this
        particular food will satisfy your appetite.

     -  Continue to eat despite being full.

     -  Are left with feelings of guilt after pigging out.


    Watch the FOX news segment below that shows during these times of financial turmoil, more and more people are turning to comfort foods to help ease the emotional strain.


    CLICK HERE TO WATCH: FOX NEWS - Comfort Food and The Economy



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Published On: October 06, 2008