Lose Weight and Get Healthy By Taking Responsibility For The Food You Eat.

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  • My message to you is start taking responsibility for everything that passes your lips.  Let's be clear, it's not the FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) or the food manufacturer's responsibility, but yours alone.  Whatever it is that you eat should always advance your level of health. Get in the habit of asking yourself just as you are about to eat if the food you are about to consume is going to promote your health.


    This responsibility does not lie with the food manufacturer as their main goal is to increase profits.  They have a responsibility to their shareholders and not to you the consumer.  They ask a different question "how can we make this product cheaper and make more profit?"  They do this by adding more preservatives for longer shelf life and by investing in man-made synthetic flavors and artificial ingredients.  They will pile on the mother of artificial sweeteners - high fructose corn syrup.  HFCS is a food manufacturer's favorite chemically altered substitute for sugar because it's great for the bottom line.  Pound for pound it's sweeter than sugar, it's also easier to store and transport.  Unfortunately, your body does not know who to process many of the artificial ingredients found in our foods and that is one of the main reason that most people are getting fatter and sicker.

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    This responsibility does not lie with the FDA's as they are in the business of making sure the food is safe but not necessarily healthy.  Safe and healthy are two different animals.  If you don't die or get sick immediately the food is safe, but if it takes a few months or a few years then its okay.  Now don't get me wrong, I think the FDA does a good job of protecting public health, but in my opinion it's time they added to the mission statement of not focusing on food safety but on food health.


    Health care is clearly the #2 issue in this election.  I feel that the next president should start his first term in office by giving the FDA a new mission directive.  They should start on making sure the foods we eat are not only safe but healthy.


    So the buck stops with you.  Start reading labels.  Try eating foods with less than 6 ingredients.  Shun away from labels that show artificial additives because synthetic products might be good for your car but certainly not for your body!


    Want a lesson in how to read food labels.  Click here for a great interactive.



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Published On: October 18, 2008