Exercise You Body. Time To Stop Thinking And Just Do It!

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  • I just went through the American Dietetic Association 2008 trends survey.  A highly reputable survey that has been conducted since 1991 and was last done in 2002. The ADA survey always presents a clear picture of current attitudes and behaviors in the American public.  It's conducted in much the same way they do election polling.  They make lots of calls, ask a bunch of questions and let some statisticians analyze all the data in an informed and accurate way to give the most likely outcome for the entire US Population.


    First the good news.  The survey shows that U.S adults are becoming more health savvy. A modest 5% increase (38% in 2002 to currently 43%) of adults say they are now paying more attention to their diet and exercise. It seems like very little progress but since I'm "the glass is half full kind of guy" I welcome the slight improvement.

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    The bad news is that there has been a drop in people who are taking action. Researchers found more people 38% compared to 30% in 2002 know that a healthy lifestyle is important but they choose not to do anything about it.


    It's not that lack information but what we are starved for is action.  We need to stop paying lip service to getting in shape.  It's okay, you can say enough with the latest trends and newest type of exercises because last time I checked a good walk is a great way to start moving again.  Let's stop just reading and thinking about it and like Nike loves to say Just Do It!


    Health and Happiness

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: November 19, 2008