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  • Does this make me look fat?  A question often asked but not answered with complete honesty.  Every morning, many people will look themselves in the mirror and if they are not happy with their appearance they will put the blame squarely on their clothes.  They might go back to their wardrobe for a change of clothes or resolve to buy another outfit because it's always the clothes fault they look overweight.


    Here is my founding health principle adopted from the great Jack Canfield its about taking 100% responsibility for everything including your health.


    This means, you cannot whine, complain or make excuses.  You can have the body you have always dreamed of, be so much healthier and happier if you stopped whining and making excuses.  Don't blame or whine about your clothes, the mirror, genetics, parents, friends, metabolism, age, profession, money, illness or conditions, you must assume 100% responsibility.  Nothing less will do. Complaining and making excuses is about living in the past.  Time to start looking forward.

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    The word responsibility is a combination of two words response and ability.  It's about your ability as a person to choosing a different response like choosing to eat more raw fruits and veggies instead of processed foods.  Choosing to drink more water instead of soda or sugar fruit drinks or choosing to exercise and to stop eating so much.


    It's really simple, say it out loud "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday, and because of that I choose to be something different tomorrow."  Now that is real power.  It's really simple, you make a different choice and you get a different future.



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Published On: November 24, 2008