Exercising For Better Sleep - How Stress Affects Your Sleep

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  • Your body is the crème dela crème of pharmacies.  Forget Ambien or any sleep medication drugs you have seen advertised, if you want to instantly increase the quality of your sleep then start an exercise program because working out will make you sleep better naturally.  Best of all there are no side effects or dangers of pill addiction when you allow your body to fall into deep and restful sleep naturally.



    Sleep Like A Baby Naturally


    Bye Bye Stress

    Sleeping problems are almost always involved when you are experiencing mental turmoil and exercising your body will greatly relieve any stress that you have, a major cause of many sleep disorders.

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    Stress hormones such as Cortisol are released into your body in times of high stress and your levels of Cortisol are really a powerful indicator of how deep and invigorating your sleep will be.  If Cortisol levels are high during the night this negatively affects the quality sleep.  This means you will not be able to sleep easily and even if you do, you will wake up feel groggy and lacking energy regardless of how many hours of sleep you had.


    Hello Feel Good

    When you exercise, a different hormone endorphin is release by the body.  Endorphins are the "feel good" hormones as they give you a natural high and they help reduce tension and anxiety.  With endorphins in your blood stream, Cortisol levels will be lower at night allowing you to sleep like a baby.


    One more thing, everyone is different but try avoid exercising about 3 hours before going to sleep as this will raise your body temperature and this might make sleeping a little more difficult.  The best time to exercise for better sleep is in the morning or afternoon.



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Published On: December 13, 2008