Fat Burning Supplements: Stop Making Weight Loss More Expensive Than It Should Be!

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  • With the tough economy more people are starting to categorizing fitness as a luxury. Many are dropping fitness classes and gym memberships like a bad habit but interestingly enough the fat burning supplement business is booming as people seek "shortcuts" to losing weight.


    Expensive Urine

    Weight loss can be costly if you think that appetite suppressing pills, miracle fat burning capsules, green tea and Amazon/acacia berrys are they key to keeping you slim because most of these are nothing but expensive urine.  It's all slick marketing hype designed to trick you into throwing your hard earned money at your weight loss problem.  It's really a fine way to go broke with zero results.

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    Do your homework and you will realize that the claims and results are insignificant.  They are similar to those that say you can speed up your metabolism by drinking cold water. Yes, your body will try and work harder and burn a few calories to keep you warm but the extra caloric burn is negligible and cannot be sustained over a period of time for significant weight loss.  If this were true, we would all lose weight during the cold winter months.


    Are You Currently Consuming Fat Burning Suppressants?

    There has been so much hype on appetite suppressants such as hoodia.  Appetite suppressants are nothing but quick fixes at the best.  Yes, they will cause you to eat less but it's not the right strategy to losing weight.  If you start to starve yourself you will slow down your metabolism and start to lose muscle.  Since you cannot take these pills forever, the day you stop taking them you will gain fat at a much rapid pace than ever before.


    The Worlds Best Weight Loss Supplement

    The best fat burning supplement is proper nutrition and training.  If you are finally serious about seeing results, stop bothering with the latest weight loss supplements and gimmicks and focus on consistently moving your body and eating more natural foods.  That's it!  Burning fat and losing weight comes down to 2 words - Diet and Exercise.


    For exercise, a gym is great but not necessary if funds are tight and you cannot afford the membership fees.  Jogging, running, doing push ups and lunges in the comfort of your home are gratis and you don't pay anyone a dime.  You can buy exercise videos to make working out more convenient or less expensive.  Remember even increasing lean muscle mass with strength training does not have to cost an arm and a leg because most can get a great workout from just a pair of dumbbells.


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Published On: January 06, 2009