My One Legged Fitness Test

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  • This can serve as a good benchmark for how well you are progressing with improving your balance and lower body strength.  Aim for about 10-12 repetitions to start.  If you get to 30 I consider you an athlete in prime condition.  This exercise is not easy but you will amaze yourself how much better you perform with a little practice.


    Sit Down, Then Stand Up Using Only One Leg


    How To Do It:  Left one leg and comfortably and with control sit down on a chair or couch without holding on to anything for assistance and after a slight pause stand up on a single leg.  Remember this should be done without artificially generating momentum which means you cannot bounce off the chair/couch when standing up.  Try standing up with just a single leg without using an aid or aggressively leaning forward but by keeping your back in a in a comfortable upright posture.

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    Importance:  A sign of superior balance, coordination and strong leg and core strength.  Also has a wide array of real world applications because it involves dynamic movement and stabilization.  This exercise helps with almost all movements that depend on the legs such as walking up stairs, running and jumping.  A very useful exercise to master that does not require any equipment.


    What To Do:  Practice makes perfect.


    Health and Happiness

    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: January 18, 2009