Say It Ain't So - 3 Ways Being Married Is Similar To Losing Weight?

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  • This weekend I had a very interesting conversation about marriage with a close friend and I could not help but notice the striking similarities between the world's largest rite of passage and healthy weight loss.  Now for the record, I'm not married but I found the parallels eye opening.  Here are some of my observations.



    1)      Getting married is easy, staying married that is the hard part

    "Kenn all I want is just to lose 20 pounds" I'm always fascinated how most folks just want weight loss without thinking about what is required of them after they actually lose the weight.  Just like the act of getting married is easy, so is losing weight.  It's really not all that hard, but keeping it off for life now that is where the work is.  My best advice is to put the horse before the cart and instead of just wanting to lose the weight, shift your focus to doing all those things that are required to be healthy and fit for life and I guarantee you will lose any excess weight you have.

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    2)      Don't Take Bad Advice

    Most people like to share what they've learned about marriage or weight loss.  Some of it is good, most you should take with a grain of salt. If you are married, I will let you decide where you should get your advice from.  I recently watched a great movie called fireproof that gave wonderful guidance but when it comes to weight loss I say, take advice only from those folks who are healthy, lean and strong and who have the knowledge and expertise on health and fitness.


    3)      For Better or For Worse

    Life will spring emergencies around you and some days you will not eat well.  There will be days you will not want to workout or the scale might trend in the wrong direction but there is no need to beat yourself over it and think of yourself as a failure. Just like marriage there will be setbacks and we must stop thinking about weight loss as something to conquer or this big destination instead make a commitment to being healthy and fit with the full knowledge that it requires tenacity.  Sticking with it regardless of what you have to endure along the way.


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    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: January 31, 2009