Race Car Dairies - Supercharge Your Fitness By Learning How To Focus

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  • I had just crashed into a street light because "it jumped right in front of me! :-)"  But I learned two valuable lessons that day.


    First don't try too hard to argue with Mother Nature.  I was forcing it, it was during the winter storm blizzard of 1996 and I should have been more careful while driving.


    The 2nd valuable lesson and a life changing realization is I should never focus on what I DON'T want to happen.


    Let me explain.  When my truck began to lose control and slide on the snow and ice I panicked and focused in the distance at a street light.  All I could think was "oh no, I don't want to hit that street light!" but that is exactly what happened!

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    The first thing race car drivers are taught is a life saving lesson on how to get out of a spin and avoid hitting the wall at 120mph.  It's really simple, when they begin to lose control of the car they NEVER ever look at the wall.



    Looking at the wall is a 100% guarantee they will crash into it.  Instead they look at where they want to go.  It's the same reason they don't look at the wreckage of the other cars during a crash, they are trained to always focus on where they are heading.


    What a great analogy for your life and health.


    For example, never focus on losing weight (a negative goal) instead focus on gaining something (a more inspiring goal)


    The mind has a hard time processing negatives.  It's like saying don't think about a strawberry covered cheesecake.  Because you have to think about it before you stop trying to think about it and by then it's too late because you are headed to the bakery.


    Negative goals are based on fear and the acceptance of a negative idea is a complete paralyzer of the human will.


    If you got 3 minutes, click here to listen to a summary of recorded teleseminar message on how to shift your weight loss focus.



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Published On: February 04, 2009