How To Think Yourself Fit & Finally Lose The Extra Weight

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  • It hit me today like a ton of bricks.  Most people really don't believe in themselves.  They lack enough faith in their own abilities to really get in shape, lose the fat and get the body they have always wanted.


    I've been to many gyms, met and trained many folks and sometimes it's just shocking to see the sheer number of people who suffer from a lack of self-confidence - a key ingredient to success.


    Instead of going to the gym to lift weights most are weighed down by their own insecurities.  Like that little voice in your head that starts comparing your body to someone else's and because you don't measure up, you begin to feel ashamed.

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    Well my friend you cannot get in shape if you are discouraged or if you constantly suffer from a sense on inadequacy.  It's time to shed your inferiority complex and quit comparing yourself with others.


    It's perfectly okay to draw inspiration from others because metal does sharpen metal and visual motivation is very helpful but you must stop judging your body against others.


    It's time to build some self confidence and I want you to start believing that you have what it takes within you to whip yourself into shape and here is how you start.


    Start celebrating every single achievement!


    Think about it celebration is a powerful motivational tool which can be used to juice you up when you feel like your drive is starting to slide.  Your mission is to start looking for little things to celebrate about.


    These mini celebrations are confidence and motivation boosters and I'm not referring to pigging out on ice-cream. They are often small things like patting yourself in the back for showing up at the gym especially when you don't feel like it.


    I love the Woody Allen quote 80% of success is showing up! So share your "I showed up today" success with someone else, a great way to start saying something good about you!


    Build up your self-confidence by giving yourself an attaboy! for trying a new workout or giving yourself some praise for going the extra mile and adding a few more minutes to your workout.


    Don't let any moment you do something positive go without a mention  Stop for a second and reflect on it and celebrate every time you achieve something positive.


    Let me sum it up.  Just like you would condition your body with physical exercise, we want to build up your self-confidence with constant reminders of your successes.  Eventually you end up drawing this indelible mental picture of you knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you have everything it takes to get it done.



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Published On: February 11, 2009