Plateaus: 2 Biggest Reasons Your Fat Loss Stopped.

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  • Question:  Hi Kenn, I've lost weight using your dance exercise video and some of your diet tips but I have hit a plateau and have been stuck there now for about 2 months.  It's really frustrating because I lost about 40 pounds which seem to have come off pretty easily but my now my scale seems stuck, do you have any suggestions - Audrey

    Answer:  You have hit a plateau.  Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you are consuming and when you hit a plateau it means that you are no longer creating the caloric deficit you need to lose weight.

    There are the 2 main reasons why most people hit a plateau

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    Reason One: You have lost weight and still eating the same way you did when you started losing weight.  Remember you are now feeding a smaller person and if you continue eating the same way you were when you were a bigger person you will not get into caloric deficit.  This is the most common problem for most people who have hit a weight loss plateau.  They keep eating the same way they were eating when they were bigger.  Remember you don't need as many calories, so make this small adjustment.


    Reason Two: Complacency - now this requires just a tad bit of honesty.  When the going is good most people will tend not to be as consistent as before.  Most folks will start slacking off after being extremely happy when themselves after losing a few pounds.  If you really examine yourself and find that you have not been consistent in your diet and exercise as you were in the beginning, it's time to recommit yourself.  Don't fall victim to succumbing to the comfort zone.


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Published On: February 14, 2009