Important Fitness & Weight Loss Lesson Learned From Watching The Oscars

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  • I love the moving pictures.  It's a love affair that developed in my childhood when I grew up watching movies at the Drive-In with my family.


    I enjoy watching the Oscars and without saying, some of the shows are better than others.  This previous Sunday's show was indeed one of the better ones.  The producers did something very new and very smart. It was one of those simple "why didn't I think of this earlier" kind of ideas and it really made the show feel more special.


    Here is what was different


    For the major acting categories, they used previous winners to introduce the current winners.

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    For example, for best actress they brought out - Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry - and when Kate Winslet won she got hugs and kisses from them all as she joined their sorority.


    How smart is this?


    1)  There was a lot of star power on stage and it made the Oscars more watchable.  Many at home were trying to think about who they were going to bring out next for the introductions.


    2)  There was a real connection between the viewer at home and the nominees because using the past winners to individually acknowledging each nominee seemed heartfelt.


    3)  It showed that the winners are truly an exclusive club and winning an Oscar is indeed something very special.



    Yes, the producers made a smart move and here is how you can use this lesson in your pursuit for health and fitness


    Lesson Learned


    The big lesson is the Oscars used their past successes to illuminate their current success.


    This is something most dieters and people trying to lose weight just don't get. They DON'T leverage what's already worked in the past to help them now.  Instead they chose to focus on the latest and exciting thing.


    9 out of 10 people right now struggling with weight loss have had some success in the past.  Instead of using the methods they used in the past to accelerate their current weight loss goals, they choose to completely abandon what they learned in years prior and opt to search for something totally new and different.


    This is a HUGE mistake and the cause for a lot of waster effort and the main reason many today are losing a lot of time and money on worthless supplements and exercise gadgets that will never work.


    Many times, I hear some version of this story.


    Client: 10 years ago, I was in great shape.  I was confident, felt sexy, had lots of energy but now, I'm fat and just don't seem to have the energy to workout.


    Me:  What was different 10 years ago


    Client:  I was single, did not have kids and went dancing all the time which I absolutely love.


    Me:  They why don't you start dancing again


    Client:  I'm too busy; I don't feel like my old self, I need something new.


    All I keep hearing are excuses and the search for the latest greatest shinny thing - many call it the SNT (Shiny New Thing Syndrome)  A time and money wasting path to follow.


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    Yes they might be a few things you could do differently but I want to stress the fact that please look at your past and see what worked and then "Rinse and Repeat"



    Health and Happiness

    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: February 25, 2009