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    Convenience is defined as anything that is intended to save time and energy and I look at the picture above and I'm beginning to think that the love of convenience and not money is the root of all evil. Indulge me for a second and really think about this, virtually all unhealthy weight gain is a result of convenience.


    Many of the packaged foods we buy at the grocery stores have ingredients we cannot pronounce because of convenience.  We spend most of our days sitting and our waistlines are exploding because walking anywhere is just too much of a hassle, instead we just love driving all over the place and riding elevators & escalators.

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    I remember hearing a story of aliens visiting earth for the very first time and being asked to report back to their planet about what they learned.  One of the things that really baffled them was the humans spent all day indoors and for exercise instead of choosing to use the vast outdoors they choose to sweat inside another building!


    Convenience, we have become really good at it, so much so we have created a culture of convenience.  Constantly we are conditioned to think that everything should be done in the easiest way possible.  I look at the picture above and I'm willing to bet money that those folks drove around the parking lot for 5 minutes looking for the closest parking space to the escalators.


    Here is something most people don't know that you can burn more calories in your daily life than you can at the gym.  We spend maybe an hour at the gym and the rest of our time we are living life.  Which means if you have an active lifestyle or can add more movement to your life you are well on your way to optimal health.


    So my message to you is start today by throwing away convenience especially when it comes to walking.  Make it a point to walk as often as possible.  Instead of calling your workmate, walk to their desk.


    Start parking your car at the far side of the parking lot.  As a hidden benefit you will now be able keep your car free of those nasty dings and scratches.


    Skip the elevator for the stairs and you will burn more calories.  A study revealed that going up and down a just single flight of stairs burned about 3 more extra calories.  So if you happen to work on the 3rd floor of a building and you took the stairs both ways 4 times a day you could burn about 400 calories in a 5 day work week equivalent to running at 5 miles per hour for 45 minutes.


    Convenience when it comes to walking is not your friend and if I might quote Dionne Warwick - walk on by.



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Published On: March 16, 2009