Simple Trick - How Not To Over Indulge When Going Out

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  • I'm not a purist. I believe that we should have all things in moderation. When you lack balance in your diet or training program and go with extremes, you are likely to binge or quit all together. However there are certain things you can do to make sure you don't go overboard.

    Often when I go out to eat or hang out, my #1 trick is to use cash as much as possible! This always forces me to work within limited resources.

    Research has shown people tend to eat & thus spend 30% more more when they charge their meal.

    I figure most folks have a hard time embracing percentages, so let me break it down. If you weigh 120 pounds 30% more is your scale saying you are 156 pounds.

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    I love hanging out as much as the next guy, I'm single, friendly & love to mingle :-) but going overboard will set yourself back in a major way if you over do it on your night out of town.

    When the laughter and good times are flowing, It becomes very easy to use your VISA as you order larger entrees, extra desserts or get extra drinks.

    Try using cash. It's all about giving yourself all the possible advantages for success.

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    Kenn Kihiu

Published On: September 25, 2009