Lose Weight by Imagining Weight Loss

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  • Here's a novel idea.  Eat less by envisioning yourself gobbling it up.  Yes, that's right, imagine gorging on it so that....you DON"T gorge on it.  A lead researcher of a new study says that the results of the investigation seem to  indicate that repeated efforts to imagine eating, enjoying, even gorging on food, may in fact over time, help you to bust the food's grip on you, and assist in aiding you to avoid binging or overeating that food.  During the study, participants who had access to a bowl of M & Ms, imagined eating a certain number of the candies, and then ate less over all than a control group.  So can we really think ourselves thin?

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    Not so fast, say experts who looked at the study.  But they did find the results intriguing and they felt that the research certainly had insights into further possible research on the behaviors of overweight individuals and people who struggle with over-eating.  Obese people respond to foods differently than people who have normal eating patterns, and looking at how one responds to food and to food imagery might yield clues that can help to treat the obese.  Cravings are quite complex feelings that involve a mix of physiological, psychological, environmental and hormonal aspects so they require multi-dimensional approaches to minimizing or eradicating their impact. 


    It may also help to add foods into your diet that taste good and are satiating so that you avoid the risk of feeling sudden cravings, which can also be stimulated by hunger, low blood sugar, certain nutrient deficiencies and a palate that craves magnified tastes like creamy, salty, rich, sweet foods.  Swapping out processed foods for naturally sweet fruits, crunchy vegetables with more distinct flavors like peppers, beans and legumes which are satiating, and whole grains with higher fiber levels may help to combat cravings.  But there will probably be a period of difficulty as you swap out the more refined foods for the healthier ones.  So imagery may be a helpful tool to use some of the time. 


    Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!!


Published On: January 07, 2011