My Blog and Why I am Doing it

Ellen Haas Health Guide
  • For me, the Internet is all about people power. While the Web has given the world incredible access to information, its most awesome power is the power to connect people to one another. By sharing interests and ideas, problems and solutions, people build communities online that have become mainstays of their daily lives.


    I am proud that our FoodFit community has grown and developed, since we launched in January 2000. Our community is passionate about good food and active living and a healthy lifestyle is a great adventure for all of us. My blog, Ellen's Healthy Table is getting started as FoodFit's next online step to connect us around what matters so much to us.

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    FoodFit has always been a consumer driven website that focuses on what the consumer needs to eat well and be well. My new blog will be a chance for us to meet around the table and exchange all kinds of ideas, discover new foods and ways to get fit. The beauty of a blog is that it is not one-way communication. Instead, all of us can join in the conversation whether to question the information presented or add to it by sharing personal views very different than mine.


    My blog will touch many aspects of a healthy lifestyle and will include conversations with nationally recognized FoodFit Chefs like Alice Waters, Alan Susser and Ann Cashion. Also, leading nutrition and medical experts like Harvard's George Blackburn,M.D. will join me discussing issues of the moment. It also is a chance for me to share with you my personal perspective on the latest research reports and food policy debates whether it be about nutrition , food safety or the latest food trends.


    Your participation will be the most important part of my blog and I hope that you will join me at Ellen's Healthy Table often. I would love to hear from you about new ways to cook your favorite healthy foods or questions about nutrition reports or new features that you think that FoodFit should include online.


    Welcome to this exciting opportunity to connect with each other in our dynamic world.

Published On: July 18, 2007