The Glory of Greens

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  • The farmer's market of Martha's Vineyard was in it's full glory this past weekend - and so were the sumptuous array of greens. The assortment of sparkling, leafy greens was a treat to behold.


    There are so many varieties in this island off the coast of Massachussetts where I come to vacation. The range of tastes and textures of the greens seemed endless from the red and green leaf lettuces to the romaine, bibb, spinach and arugula I found that there were so many to choose from.


    beautiful delicious greens!

    I am convinced that the taste and the freshness of local, just picked greens can't be beat. Of course, they are also nutrition stars because they are loaded with vitamins, fiber and disease-fighting beta carotene. The greens have no fat and are really low on calories.

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    So I piled my basket with several different types and added crunchy cucumber, red onions and some spectacular, local heirloom tomatoes for our lunch. We had some left over fish-some halibut and threw that in,too. Everyone enjoyed it so much.


    I would love to hear what you are finding at your local, markets and how you have put together some delicious salads this summer. What has worked best for you and your family and friends.


    And then when dinner time comes along here is a light, fantastic way to celebrate the glorious greens:


    From Ellen's Healthy Table :

    A Recipe for Greens from the Market

    A wonderful way to praise the glory of your local greens.

Published On: August 14, 2007