Beating the Clock with Healthy Recipes

Ellen Haas Health Guide
  • Let's face it: there are days when you just seem to run out of time and feel that there is no way you can go into the kitchen and fix a delicious, healthy meal. Those kind of days may be over and a new day is about to arrive.


    I have been looking at this modern American dilemma for some time and was happy to discover some helpful time-saving strategies and healthy recipes that can be prepared in a flash. So I collected 150 of these recipes and put them together with timesaving tips into a new book, released this week - Fast and Fit (Hatherleigh Press).


    The idea of Fast and Fit is to help you beat the clock, and enjoy the best of the good foods that are good for your health and are tops in taste, too. There are 150 quick and healthy everyday recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or less. To add to the collection's value there are also recipes from several nationally recognized Chefs who are a part of FoodFit's Network like Alice Waters, Allen Susser and Jody Adams.

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    All of the Fast and Fit recipes meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the federal governments principles for eating well. The Dietary Guidelines are updated every five years by a panel of top medical and nutrition professionals and take into account the latest research and scientific findings.


    Also the recipes reflect the Food Guide Pyramid, the federal government's interactive online tool providing a healthy eating plan. The Pyramid focuses on eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains as central to a healthy diet and that is the emphasis of Fast and Fit as well.


    Here are some ideas of how to beat the clock and also plan mouth-watering meals:

    • Simply Grilled entrees are quick to prepare and great for staying fit. (Simply broiling fish,chicken and meats also works well)
    • Simply Grilled Salmon can be done in less than 10 minutes. Together with steamed veggies it is a quick and easy meal.
    • Soups made with pureed vegetables and smoothies made with pureed fruits are instant nutrition favorites.
    • Sides that are speedy to make and use fresh, local veggies are stars of the plate.
    • Garlicky Kale, a recipe from Foodfit Chef Alice Waters is so simple,delicious and gets to the table in just a few minutes.

    At Ellen's Healthy Table we served this wonderful main dish that could be prepared quickly, and was so easy and enjoyable.

    I would love to hear your ideas for making your meals fast and fit. Share your favorite recipes in the comments!

Published On: February 04, 2008