Seductive Spring Menu

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  • Maybe it is the change to daylight savings time - so early this year - or maybe it is the winding blowing in warm air and sunshine - but I have started to notice little daffodil buds coming out along the road where I live and I have started dreaming about spring menus to lighten up our table.


    In fact, last Sunday when I went to our local farmer's market I knew that spring was almost here when I picked up a couple of bunches of bright baby radishes for our salad. Just two days later I enjoyed a divine spring salad at Kinkead's with soft butter lettuces and thinly sliced radishes mixed with a wonderful mustard-dill dressing. I think that these baby radishes are a signal of the good food times ahead.

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    I am looking forward to the change of seasons and springtime is always an uplifting time for me. The fruits and vegetables of spring are some of my favorites and fit so well into easy, healthy menus that are seductive in their appeal for everyone.


    What are your spring favorite foods? How do you celebrate the change of seasons?


    Green is the color of spring and vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, peas and salad greens are sure to bring sparkle to your plate. Check out how to pick spring winners in the market and find the simple, tasty ways to prepare them without fuss.



    English peas are a treat this time of year because they are so sweet. I just bought a pound of them thinking that I would steam them, but before I knew it they were almost gone because they make the best snack straight from the pod. Their season is short so take advantage of their fresh, sweet taste either as a snack or cooked.


    While strawberries may not be the official fruit of spring, they sure are everyone's favorite. (Link to Seasons Pick-strawberries) They sing spring for me. Their bright red color is full of energy and there are so many ways to make them into a fantastic dessert. I also love strawberries cut up into salads. They give a different zing until the tomato season starts.




    Here are some delicious choices from Ellen's Healthy Table to put together for your spring menu. See how seductive they can be and how much you enjoy the delight of such good food.


Published On: March 28, 2008