5 Tips for Trimming Your Food Bills

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  • With today's food prices rising at a fast pace and the pain at the gas pump continuing because of skyrocketing energy prices, my pocketbook is starting to feel the pinch.  I realize that it is time to pay attention to my food-buying habits and see if I can save some money while still enjoying good, healthy food. Here are my 5 top tips and I would love to hear your ways for saving at the checkout.


    For the three months ending in February, according to data released last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics food prices increased at a compound annual rate of 4.7%. That means we are facing the sharpest increase in food prices in nearly two decades. What is more, since March 2007 government studies show that eggs increased by 35%, a gallon of milk increased by 23 % and a pound of ground chuck increased by 8 %.

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    With prospects high for prices to keep going up for a while, consumers are getting serious about how they shop for food.  A good strategy for keeping your food bills in shape and trimming the waste can make a bottom-line difference for you.  


    These are my Five Tips for Trimming your Food Bills. The goal of these tips is to spend less while still enjoying good food and healthy eating.


    1. Shop your local Farmer's Market -This is my favorite place to find great prices for the season's best tasting fruits, veggies and more, Most markets today also sell bread,eggs,meat straight from local farms so you don't have to pay the middleman costs.


    2. Think small-Watch your portion size - Whether you want to trim your waistline or trim your food budget it is always good to keep an eye on how much you eat. ...Not too much is a good idea. Check out the new restaurant trend for small plates.


    3. Skip over highly processed, and prepared foods - You pay a premium for highly processed and prepared foods. If you are in a hurry check our Fast and Fit recipes.

    Find out how making it at home is economical and easy.


    4. Stock Up -Buy Bulk and Rediscover Leftovers - Take advantage of grocery store sales and fill your pantry with healthy staples. When cooking dinner make enough for another meal and freeze the leftovers.


    5. Grow a Food Garden - Start digging and plant a vegetable or herb garden in your backyard,balcony or patio. This summer when the crops come in you can enjoy the tastes of tomatoes,cucumbers,squashes and all kinds of herbs for just pennies.


    Here is one of my favorite low-cost, high-energy recipes for a delicious spring dinner that we enjoyed at Ellen's Healthy Table.


    Spinach Salad with Barbecue Chicken, Grilled Red Onion and Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette


    Will you let us know  your strategies for low -cost winning meals this spring?





Published On: May 12, 2008