Chef Joyce Goldstein Introduces Mediterranean Fresh

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  • Award-winning chef Joyce Goldstein's new book, Mediterranean Fresh (Norton, 2008) reflects her dual passions for marvelous salads and the flavors of the Mediterranean. She is a nationally recognized cookbook author and chef who has written more than twenty books. Joyce has been part of the FoodFit Chef's Network since we launched in 2000 and also has been a member of our Advisory Committee. She is widely known for her exciting recipes from the Mediterranean that are high in flavor and good for your health.


    I had the pleasure to sit down recently with Joyce at Ellen's Healthy Table to talk about how she came to share these delicious recipes and secrets for making mouth-watering salads the star of the meal. These are terrific ideas for late spring and summer when you are looking for light, satisfying ideas for dinner - or lunch. It is jam-packed with all kinds of new options for memorable salads and versatile dressings. Here is what she had to say:

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    Ellen Haas: What makes Mediterranean Fresh so special?


    Joyce Goldstein: It is all about salads and salads can be warm, gratifying, and fun for the mouth. They are so useful and versatile and deepen your menu planning options.


    EH: How did you get interested in Mediterranean cuisine?


    JG: In 1959 and 1960 I lived in Italy and traveled around a lot. Everywhere I went I ate and tasted the foods. I remember feeling that this is the way I want to eat the rest of my life. The broad and deep flavors of the Mediterranean were so fascinating to me.


    EH: What is your concept of one plate salad meals that are central to the book?


    JG: One plate salad meals reduces the amount of animal protein in the meal while you still feel satisfied. It focuses on the good fats like olive oil and whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are locally grown. It is a beautiful, sustaining way of eating.


    EH: How did you come up with the idea for the book?


    JG: It came about from a teaching project I did for the Culinary Institute of America. It was a retreat for chain restaurants who wanted to redo their salad bars. I came up with more than a dozen vinaigrettes - and this was the start of the book. After the dressings I came up with 140 different salads. What is so much fun is that you can mix and match the dressings and the salads and have a delicious meal every way.


    We enjoyed some wonderful salads created by Chef Joyce Goldstein at Ellen's Healthy Table and I know you will enjoy them too.

Published On: June 12, 2008