Congratulations to our Health Food Awards Sweepstakes Winners

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  • A little about the Healthy Food Awards


    Throughout the summer the HealthCentral editorial board and panel of nutrition and health experts sampled a myriad of healthy foods available on the market today.




     (it was hard work, but someone had to do it). 




    We sampled and judged hundreds of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack health foods based on taste (of course), price and nutritional content and decided which ones were our favorites.




    But, then we were curious which foods our readers would like (since it is all about you, after all).  So, we made our selections, we put it to you to vote on your favorite healthy foods. 

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    According to our poll results….


    … all have extremely varied tastes in health foods. 


    Lucky for you, there are a myriad of options available on the market today that are healthy affordable and, above all, delicious!


    Congratulations to our Sweepstakes Winners!


    We are thrilled to announce our winners of the annual HealthCentral Healthy Food Awards sweepstakes:


    Heather Hoe is our first place winner.




    And Elizabeth Neal takes home the grand prize!





    And what do they win?  (hint, it’s related to healthy food!)


    Heather won a 20-piece cookwear set from T-fal – a leading manufacturer of non-stick cookwear and small kitchen appliances.  T-fal not only provides great tools for just about any cooking project, their frying pans are all equip with Thermo-spot technology.  The Thermo-spot in the middle of the pan indicates when the pan is perfectly preheated so there is no guesswork.


    Elizabeth will take home T-fal’s ActiFry.  ActiFry is a remarkable kitchen appliance that helps you create healthier versions of your favorite meals by using little to no oil in its cooking process.  It also does not require preheating, which means you get to eat sooner.   


    Congratulations to Heather and Betty and thank you all for participating in our sweepstakes!


    Thank you very much for participating in this year’s contest.  We had tons of (delicious) fun and hope you did as well. 


    Keep an eye out for our Diabetes Healthy Food Awards coming up in the fall and check in to HealthCentral often for all kinds of nutrition, health and wellness information at your fingertips.


    Be Well!


    The HealthCentral Editorial Team



Published On: August 07, 2012