The 40 Year Old (Weight Watchers) Virgin

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  • "Your first time...ever?" she asks incredulously. Others hear this and chime in. "No way!" "You mean you've NEVER done it?" "Not even in the '80s?" "Or in college?" "But you've had two babies, how is that even possible?!"


    Yes, it's true. I have never been to a Weight Watchers meeting before this year.

    I have always been one of those people who like to set my mind to something and just do it. And so it was over the years of up and down the scale, including after I had both of my children, and how I lost that excess baby weight. Although, I never really got down to what my true healthy, ideal set-point weight should be. As the years have gone by, this slightly higher weight then became my new set point.

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    This New Year, I am newly 40 years old. I have made the decision that my current weight is not going to be my weight for the rest of my life (and, hopefully, it won't be going higher). No, I am going to knock off 17.2 pounds to get to my new set weight that will lead to a healthier me.


    While my current weight is within the recommended range for my height, it's not ideal and I know this. How? Because I have the body type that holds extra weight around my mid-section (this type of excess weight being thought to carry higher health risk).


    I can also tell that my energy levels are not at peak performance, with each year becoming a little worse than the year prior.


    I also know that some of my deeply ingrained habits need to be broken in order to have my best shot at optimizing my controllable health factors. Examples include: snacking after dinner, mindless eating in front of the television, skipping meals to the point where I become ravenous (and out of control).


    I have been to this weight loss rodeo enough to know that to make sustainable life changes in these ingrained habits, I am going to need some help. Weight Watchers isn't the only way to go, but I decided to sign up after I attended my first meeting. The group meetings, weekly (no more than once) weigh-ins, the common sense approach to attributing points to foods and keeping within your goal number all sold me as a way that could (and will) work for me.


    More to come. I'm in it to win it; I hope you are too!


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Published On: January 09, 2012