Jane's Addiction

Dr. Cindy Haines Health Guide
  • I am in training again. This time, for a couple of half-marathons coming up in April. Always seem to be pushing myself  - striving to be better. But, I tell myself, at least it's in "healthy" ways.


    I mean, I could be in training for a chicken-wings-eating contest. But, I'm not.


    It was in this latest bout of training when I went for my "long run" over the weekend. It gave me a chance to catch up on some really good old alternative music - among my favorite kind.


    I realized about halfway through the song "Jane Says (live version)" - worth a listen for the steel drums alone - that I was enjoying the mention of my middle name: Jane.

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    This is notable because I have spent the majority of my life wishing I had a more exciting (exotic) middle name. In fact, for most of my childhood, I had myself convinced that the "J" actually stood for Jessica-Jordan.


    Why? Because I felt like what it was just wasn't special enough.


    It's indicative of how I have spent the majority of my life running away from who I am afraid I really am: Nothing special. A nobody. Never going to matter. A "plain Jane."


    And so a "healthy" addiction was born: A quest to prove to everyone (most of all myself) that I am anything but plain. Was I pretty? Never pretty (or thin) enough. Smart? Not as smart as that other kid. Athletic? Puh-leaze. Just not enough, that's all I was really sure of.


    Thus, in order to prove that I am worthy, that this small life means something, I have always felt I needed to become the opposite of what I feared I was in my smallness. Be Somebody. Achieve. Prove I Matter.


    My dad likes to say that when you get tired of suffering, you start asking questions. These questions for me started many, many years ago. But as a typical "Show Me" Missouri girl, I have to see and experience it all for myself. On my own timetable.


    In time, and in my times of wilderness, I have discovered who I really am, and learned that I actually do like that girl. In fact, I love her. So I will choose to do things that show that love; choose actions and behaviors that nurture rather than abuse. Most of all, take this self-acceptance and understanding and turn it outward into expressions of love and nurturing for all those around me and anyone I touch through my communications.


    What I know now is that I am a nobody. But I am also A Somebody. I am making a difference - but I am also not really all that significant in the scheme of things. And it is because of who I am, not what I do. Actually, by doing less, I find I can be more.


    It's just me, plain Jane. And that's OK with me.


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Published On: March 04, 2013