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  • Post inspiration by Faith No More, "We Care A Lot"


    There was a group of guys I knew when I was growing up. To me, they were the coolest of the cool. These were the kind of guys who, in high school, would hang out at coffee shops drinking coffee, talking philosophy and theology. And then having dance parties, where they'd dress up 80s punk style and dance all night long. No drugs, no alcohol. Just coffee and music and dancing….literally, all night long.


    It was the greatest. And it was the 80s…so we are talking Prince with Controversy and U2 before they got endorsements and became corporate.

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    And I remember that three of them roomed together their first year at college, and on their answering machine, they asked the caller to leave a message because…and then played the clip by Faith No More "We Care a Lot."


    I heard this song the other day and it got me thinking about these guys, and the aura that was carefully cultivated by them. I get the same feeling when I listen to John Mayer's "Waiting for the World to Change." It's a young angst - an intense desire to impact change, but feeling powerless and unable to actualize it.


    I tie all this together in how I have been feeling lately. I think it's when I verbalized what I would do if I won the ba-jillion dollar Powerball that was happening a week or so ago. I was musing out loud what I would want, or what I would do with all that money.


    I don't want a bigger house, or a second house, or another car, or really any other thing. What do I want? To focus on what I care about. I want to focus on meaning and purpose. Not money or making money for other people.


    And to not have to pretend about that - never have to play any kind of game, just to get along. Trying to get by in a world as designed by someone other than you, to make enough money so you can focus on FINALLY doing what you really want to be doing with your life.


    My current state of thinking is: why wait?


    Will something magically shift and allow me to live the life I really want to live, one magical day when everything is just so? What if that day was today?


    For me, it's rejecting the superficial, the profit-motivated, misdirected or wasted energy. It's focusing on moving life toward purpose and meaning, what God wants for us, in us, by us.


    So why not start today? Faith No More will tell you, when you're out to change the world, it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.




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Published On: June 06, 2013