Love and Other Drugs Volume 2

Dr. Cindy Haines Health Guide
  • In my last post, I wrote about the notion of body chemicals driving our behaviors. I agree with this theory and have always intuitively known and used the principles in my own quest for "optimizing self in life's journey" - there are things we can choose to do to help ourselves along in our there are things we can choose to do that will ultimately derail us in our journey.

    More specifically: the interactions you have with people, and the things you do that you enjoy…why do you enjoy them?


    Because of some kind of inspiration, positive feeling, some kind of "fix" that you want again and again. If you don't feel this way, then it's not an interaction or behavior you are really and truly "enjoying." Not really and truly gravitating toward, with inclination to repeat the interaction or behavior. Perhaps it's an interaction or behavior out of a feeling of obligation or a "should do."

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    But when you do really enjoy something? The body chemicals are at work. Driving toward certain behaviors, seeking to get more of the body chemicals that the body and mind want. Any "should do" becomes a "want to." And that's really the point of connecting with a "Why" in health and wellness - reframe it in such a way that you now want to (instead of feeling like you don't want to, but really should) live in a healthier way. Because it's what you truly enjoy.


    So then, how can one take this biological drive and manifest it for a greater good? To effectively optimize health and discover and engage the "Why" of health and wellness?


    I believe it is through the concrete action steps of:


    1. Identifying what it is that drives you. What do you feel energized by? Passionate about? When do you feel most alive, most YOU?


    2. Getting clear on what is working FOR you and what is working AGAINST you in what you most enjoy.


    3. Setting a strategy on tweaking up your approach in doing what you enjoy. Example: you like winning? Maybe gambling is something you engage in to get your "fix." How about tweaking this up into finding a competitive sport you can compete it - you combine the drive to win with a physical exercise outlet.


    Back to my Volume 1 Depeche Mode reference, as they sing it in "Strangelove":

    "I give in, to sin…because you have to make this life livable."


    My thought is that if you can identify your "sins" and reframe them to take out what's working against you and make it work for you, towards a greater good, we may just have something sustainable here. Because you have to make this life livable.




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Published On: June 13, 2013